About GluVue

A Continuous Glucose Monitor

Sensor and mobile health technology, such as continuous glucose monitors (CGM), have improved greatly and healthcare providers have access to more blood glucose (BG) data than ever before (up to 288 values/day per person). In 2015, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved secure remote monitoring which allows passive CGM data entry from a mobile device into the electronic health record (EHR). The new challenge is in receiving, reviewing, and recognizing patterns in the data because typical views via EHR are cumbersome and non-intuitive.

In response, Stanford Children's Health created GluVue - a real-time support tool for interpreting BG data. Providers can access and review BG data nomatter where their patients are and this powerful tool is now publically available to other healthcare providers.

GluVue was designed and built by Joshua Faulkenberry with clinical advisement from Rajiv B. Kumar, MD.

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